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It’s here!!! My partnership with the American Gas Association was such a fun experience for me. We collaborated on 5 videos together. 3 recipes and 2 cooking tips just for you guys!

Check it out!

Our first video was on how to make my Chicken Piccata. It is a super easy one pan dish, and its one of my favorite quick weeknight dinners. In this video, I take you through step by step on how to make this mouthwatering dish using natural gas. This Chicken Piccata is savory, tangy and the chicken is perfectly tender with tangy capers mixed throughout the sauce. It’s ridiculous how much flavor you can pack in this dish in so little time. Checkout the video and recipe below!

Our second video was a short clip that focused on a technique: Searing Chicken

This technique is obviously a crucial step in tons of different chicken dishes, and it will be especially key in your Chicken Piccata Dish. Not only is searing super easy, but it is a great way to take your dish to the next level by creating a gorgeous color and flavor. Check out this clip to learn how I sear my Chicken on a natural gas stove:

Next up… FISH TACOS BABY! This is one of my family’s all-time favorite dinner recipes and it is such a crowd pleaser. Tender flakey fish, tangy pico da gallo, crunchy slaw, and golden-brown tortillas make this dish ridiculously mouthwatering. I show you how to make these tacos from start to finish with the help of natural gas in this video. Click below for the recipe and video!

Last but not least for recipes, check out how I make my gorgeous stir-fried beef and vegetables. This is a super quick stir fry dish packed full of flavor and colors. With tender vegetables and steak, a thick savory sauce, and fresh green onions, this dish is hard to resist. Trust me, you are going to want to give this one a try:

Our last technique video is how to properly use a wok! This cooking tool comes in handy when you want a great caramelization and sear on all your meat, and when you want the dish to cook super quick. The combo of the searing hot natural gas, and surface area of the wok, create the perfect stir fry: 

I had so much fun filming these videos with the American Natural Gas Association. These are all recipes and techniques that I use all the time in my household with my natural gas stove, so I am super excited to share them with you and your families.

Hope you enjoy!


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