A Day I Will Never Ever Forget – Kids State Dinner at the White House

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Today, I went to the White House with all of the other Healthy Lunchtime Challenge winners. We got to see the First Lady Michelle Obama, the President of the United States, eat super yummy and healthy food created by kids, sing and dance with Rachel Crow, and see what it might be like to be at a real State Dinner. It was a day I will never, ever, forget.

Q13 FOX did a nice segment of my experience.

To see all photos, check out my blog about the trip to Washington D.C. here.

I have one more day, so we will be posting on that blog again, but here are a few of our favorite photos from yesterday.

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2 Comments on “A Day I Will Never Ever Forget – Kids State Dinner at the White House”

  1. Dear Amber,

    All those photographs look grand, especially ones with President and First Lady. But, I, for one, love your photo with the gentleman in a white jacket holding a microphone. Is he one of the White House chefs? One feels so much warmth radiating from the gentleman in admiration of what you have done. Aki

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