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Join me in the kitchen! My cookbook is coming out Oct. 2, 2018!

More and more, you see kids and teens cooking . . . and why not? We are capable, and we want to have a say in what we eat!

This is the cookbook I always wanted. Not dumbed down for kids and teens, but simple, delicious recipes that we love, and are easy and fun to make. This book is full of 80 of my favorites, from nourishing breakfasts to start the day, to school lunches to impress your friends, party ideas, and even recipes for homemade facial scrubs to fight that dreaded teen acne!

Being a teen isn’t easy, but with a fully stocked fridge and this book, we are going to master our teen years one recipe at a time.

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Love, Amber

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Sample recipes from my book


An amazing dinner and fewer dishes to clean? What else could you want?! This pasta is amazing because all you do is throw all the ingredients in one pot, including the dried pasta, and let the flavors come together as it cooks. The greens soak up the garlic and tomato, and are actually my favorite part of this pasta. Oh, and did I mention that you only have to wash one pot? (My dad, who is in charge of washing dishes, is always extremely happy about that part.)

Photo credit: Olivia Brent


Oatmeal is perfect for a chilly day, and it is also a really great power-packed healthy breakfast. This is my all-time favorite oatmeal recipe. Creamy, citrus-y oatmeal, burst of fresh, sweet blueberries, and the nutty crunch from the almonds makes this heaven in your mouth!

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  1. Hey Amber Kelley can I ask you something do you ever use super large aluminum stock pot and if u have where would you use them also what do u cook in them

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