Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw with Jamie Oliver

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Jamie Oliver is an idol of mine, so I am so excited to announce that the video we did together for Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw is on my Youtube Channel! I still can’t believe I got to cook with him. He was so nice and fun…and he’s someone I really look up to.

We had a blast making crunchy, tasty, colorful slaw 2 ways – creamy, and German-style! It’s a great recipe to go with meats or fish, or even in a sandwich. Look out for Jamie’s impersonation of Scooby Doo…it’s priceless 😀






8 Comments on “Crunchy Rainbow Coleslaw with Jamie Oliver”

  1. Would it be possible to have the written recipes for both coleslaws ? In the video there is no mention of the quantities of each ingredient.

    It would be nice if the written recipe was added below the video.

    Thank you.

  2. Would like to know the recipe, looks really good but it doesn’t mention which vegetables are in the recipe.

    1. Hi Keith! Jamie lists them as he makes the coleslaw in the video – but you can use many different kinds! I say use red and green cabbage as a base, and add whatever you like! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Was also looking for recipe as he seems to have zucchini there as well and Radishes- always best to have recipe

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