Day 27: Feel Good Challenge Starts Jan 1!

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If you’re like me, you’ve had many holiday parties and you want to start making some healthier choices in 2017 to FEEL GOOD! Let’s do it together – I’m going to challenge you to make good choices every day in January. I’ll be posting videos every week and will be with you every day on social media. 

Week 1 Challenge: Eat/drink greens every day!
I’ll share my delicious green smoothie and green juice recipe, and tips on other ways to get greens into your body. I’ll be checking in every day to share how I’m doing with the challenge!

Week 2 Challenge: Choose snacks wisely!
There are so many great whole food snacks and homemade snacks but I’ll also share my favorite snacks from the store.

Week 3 Challenge: Enjoy veggies!
Vegetables can be absolutely delicious. So try a new recipe! I’ll share my favorites and also show you how I’m eating my veggies every day.

Week 4 Challenge: Find good ways to sooth your sweet tooth! 
I’ll share my Zucchini Puffs recipe, and check in every day on how I’m doing with my snacks!

So get ready-first video will be out January 1st! 2017 is going to be an awesome year!

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