Day 8: Simmering Potpourri

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Wanna make it smell like the holidays? I have great homemade potpourri recipes on my channel and website, and two work GREAT for the holidays! Whether for your house or for gifts, they’re so fun to make and smell wonderful! Hope you enjoy 😀#DecemberCountdown#HappyHolidays #SmellsLikeChristmas


All-Natural Scents : Simmering Potpourri
This is a great alternative to the chemical-filled air fresheners, and it really fills the house! Choose whatever combination of scents you like. They smell lovely, but remember this isn’t really for eating!
  1. Think of yummy scent/flavor combinations, such as Lemon/rosemary/vanilla, Orange/clove/cinnamon/star anise, Apple/orange/clove/cinnamon, Sage/cranberry/clove/apple
  2. Water
  3. Mason jars with lids, if giving as a gift
  1. Place your flavor combination items in a pot, crockpot, or fondue pot with water and let it gently simmer.
  2. Simmering releases the amazing smell. Keep adding water as it evaporates.
  3. You can reuse the mixture several times, just refrigerate in between uses.
  4. If you are giving as a gift, place ingredients in a mason jar with water, and refrigerate until using.
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