Fun Netflix Team Cooking Event!

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Last month I got the incredible opportunity to hang out, talk, and cook with the Netflix design team and their families! We did a zoom cooking demo and made hummus with veggies, one pot pasta, and dark chocolate coconut fondue. I got to answer their questions, teach them how to make the dishes, and just spend a really fun night with everyone! We had all ages of people in the kitchen from parents to boyfriends and girlfriends, to young babies. 

I wanted to not only share this experience and talk about how honored I am and how much fun it was, but also show off how amazing everyone’s dishes turned out! It was so incredible to see people making my recipes alongside me, and loving them – truly a very surreal moment for me. 

Here are a few photos sent to me from the design team and their families in the kitchen:

Hunter killed it in the kitchen!

Ratna and Surina made this GORGEOUS fondue design! 

Alnie made this delicious one pot pasta (with a little help from her sous chef)

Anika not only wins for coolest apron, but she knocked it out of the park with the hummus and pasta!

Thank you Netflix for an amazing time! ❤️ 

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  1. I watched almost all of your videos and I’m just saying,You are my baking and cooking HERO!My dad is the owner of the vault restaurant in Maine,and your recipes are nothing like ours!

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