Glorious Green Smoothie

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This is a great smoothie to help you get healthy. It’s great when you are sick because it cleans out your body. I hope it helps you as much as it helped me when I was sick earlier this week!

– Amber 

Glorious Green Smoothie
  1. 1.5 cups filtered water or unsweetened almond milk (unsweetened vanilla almond milk is nice too)
  2. 1 tablespoon chia seeds
  3. 4 big handfuls of spinach
  4. Frozen banana
  5. 1 cup or more frozen strawberries (or berries of your choice)
  1. Add almond milk or water to blender. Add spinach and chia seeds and blend until ultra smooth.
  2. Add the fruit and blend. Enjoy!
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2 Comments on “Glorious Green Smoothie”

  1. Thanks for the great recipe! This is the first time that Gabe would drink a homemade green smoothie – because of your recipe! WE also added Stevia for a little more sweetness. Our berries made it look more red rather than green which helped!

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