Day 4: Holiday DIY!

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I want to show you guys a super cute holiday DIY for your bedroom, house or anywhere else you want to spice up for the holidays! We made this decoration for our bathroom. The potpourri makes it smell HEAVENLY and the lights add an adorable touch! The best part is you can find most of these items for super cheap at your dollar or craft store!

Here is how you make it:

  • Go to your local craft or dollar store and pick up a box of potpourri with a variety of things such as pinecones, branches, flowers, leaves etc. You can even add in some star anise or cinnamon sticks for the beautiful scent!
  • Find or buy any type of clear container like a vase, bowl, jar etc. We bought our container at a discount store for less than 10 dollars!
  • Last but not least you want to get some adorable little lights. You can use LED lights, Christmas lights or fairy lights. You can normally find them at craft stores or even online. I prefer the battery operated ones so you don’t have to plug it in, but either way works.


Now we start to assemble. Think of it like a parfait! Start with a small layer of your potpourri on the bottom and then weave some lights in.


Then add another layer of potpourri, making sure to mix it up so you have an even amount everywhere. Then add in the rest of the light strand in.
End by topping the rest of your potpourri on top. (I recommend adding some chunkier pieces on top because it looks extra cool and full)

Then you are done! You can put this anywhere in your house or apartment that needs some more “holiday spirit”!

I love this DIY because its cheap, easy and it looks and smells really festive! Make sure to share this with your friends and give it a try! If you like it, send me pictures because I want to see how yours turned out! Have fun everyone!


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