I cooked with Jamie Oliver and other AMAZING chefs! WHAT?!

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Hey everyone! I am sorry I haven’t posted videos for a few weeks. But if you’ve been talking to me on social media, you know I have been having the time of my life! I have been in Europe for the past few weeks, meeting and cooking with the most amazing chefs in the world. I can’t believe my luck, I got to meet

  • Jamie Oliver
  • DJ BBQ
  • John Quilter, aka Food Busker
  • Bart from Bart’s Fish Tales
  • David & Stephen, The Happy Pear
  • Danny McCubbin and Jai from Fifteen
  • Cupcake Jemma
  • French Guy Cooking
  • The Food Tube Team

They are all really supportive of Cook With Amber and what we’re doing. Thank you all!

Here is a recap of the past few weeks…

Jamie Oliver

I got to meet and cook with my idol, JAMIE OLIVER! I was supposed to do just one video with him, but I ended up doing 2, and also being a taste tester for his live streaming show. He was so cool and funny!

Here is the live show, I come in about the last 4 minutes (at 23:11). This was unexpected, and I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up! 

I also did a little video on what I think of Jamie after meeting him in person.

Hey Seattle – look what Jamie is wearing! 😮


DJ BBQ is a master of the grill. He is super fun and I loved spending the afternoon with him.

The Food Busker

John Quilter, AKA The Food Busker, was so hilarious! We had a blast making videos together in Camden Market.

Bart’s Fish Tales

Bart from Bart’s Fish Tales is an expert on sustainable seafood! I’ve started getting into seafood more recently, so this was really exciting.

The Happy Pear

David and Stephen, The Happy Pear (like “happy pair” – get it?) were definitely happy! Super nice and so much great energy! They have lots of healthy delicious videos on their Youtube channel.

Danny & Jai from Fifteen

I got to visit Jamie Oliver’s famous Fifteen restaurant. They take in apprentices and teach them how to be great chefs. These apprentices usually come from broken homes or some other background that makes it hard for them to find jobs, and Fifteen helps them to live their dreams! I got to cook with Jai, one of the graduates from Fifteen, and Danny McCubbin from Cooking For Good gave me a tour of the restaurant. It was a blast!

Drinks Tube & Family Food Tube

I also made several videos for Drinks Tube, and one for Family Food Tube.

Cupcake Jemma, French Guy Cooking, and the Rest of the Gang!

I went to visit Cupcake Jemma at her new shop, Crumbs and Doilies. Oh my gosh the shop was so cute! We tried a bunch of her baked goods and they were all AMAZING!

Lastly, I got to meet Alex, from French Guy Cooking, in Paris yesterday. He is so much fun, and really inspiring.

Everyone at Food Tube were so nice. I really feel lucky to be a part of this group of people. They really love their jobs and what they do! Here we are with Toral and Ashley, two people we work with the most. They are super fun! THANK YOU FOODTUBE!!!

And here’s a fun video we took of our experience. Enjoy!

5 Comments on “I cooked with Jamie Oliver and other AMAZING chefs! WHAT?!”

  1. Hi Amber!!!! OMG it sounds like you had an amazing trip!!!! I am sooooooo jealous!!!!! It is so cool that you got to meet Jamie Oliver, let alone cook with him, WOW!!!!! So where in Europe did you exactly go and may I ask, how were you able to meet him??? Anyways, my family and I went to NYC over the summer,(not as amazing as Europe, but it was still an awesome place)!!!! i was super excited when Susie Fogelson offered us a tour of Food Network!!!! It was AMAZING!!!! Susie was SO nice and really friendly!!!! Hope you have fun at school and glad to hear about what an Awesome experience you had!!! From, Mia 🙂

    1. I had such a good time! In Europe we went to Switzerland to visit some friends, Italy, London and Paris! I had the best summer ever! I have been to NewYork once before! That tour sounds like so much fun! Thank you for asking!

  2. Hi Amber!!! glad to hear you had an amazing summer!!! I have one quick question, what r u going to be for Halloween??? If you have the chance, I would love to hear from you!!!! Take care, Mia Scott.

  3. Hey Amber
    I Just wanted to say that you are amazing and it would be my dream to meet you because you are so awesome

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