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Today, I had my first radio interviews…two of them!

1. Rachel Belle on KIRO’s Ron and Don Show
2. Luke Burbank Show on KIRO Radio

My first interview was with Rachel Belle, with Ron and Don Show and “Ring My Belle Weekends.” She was super nice! It was really fun talking to her. She did an awesome job mashing the whole interview up into a short, fun segment.


Look at all the cool stuff!


I got to wear the headphones.


Then, when we were walking back, we looked in one of the rooms and saw Luke Burbank, who is the dad of my nanny from last summer! I had come to watch him work once before. He saw me, and asked if I would do an interview on his show, the Luke Burbank Show! Of course I said yes!

Here is the link to the interview.

Mr. Burbank was really nice. I had met  him before with my nanny, who is his daughter. 😀 He asked me if his daughter took me and my sister to Taco Bell, and I told him no. It is the truth, too!


Mr. Ken Schram was really nice.


The radio room was really big.


I had lots of fun. Thank you, Mr. Burbank and mr. Schram!



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  1. Amber – I listened to your interview on the Luke Burbank show this AM and you were amazing! Thank you so much and keep up the good work. Love the website too!

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