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We have been using Laptop Lunches for years, and want to show you how awesome they are! See how kids can easily pack a healthy “Lunchbox Pizzeria” lunch, and a “Breakfast For Lunch” lunch. They are easy, but yummy, and you will have a hard time waiting for the school lunch break to eat them!


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Make Your Own Pizza Lunch
See how kids can easily pack a healthy “Make Your Own Pizza" lunch. You assemble your pizzas at school! We use raw, organic veggies and fruits, organic pizza sauce, gluten-free crackers and nitrate-free meats for a healthier but tasty lunch. Choose whatever toppings you love!
  1. Organic pizza sauce
  2. Plain crackers (gluten-free, if possible)
Toppings, such as
  1. Grape tomatoes
  2. Pineapple
  3. Mushrooms, sliced
  4. Ham, sliced and cut small enough to place on cracker
  5. Chicken or turkey sausage
  1. Put the pizza sauce in an air-tight container.
  2. Place all other ingredients in the lunchbox. They look nicer if the ingredients are separated! Cupcake liners are great for this.
  3. The crackers should be packed separately so they stay crisp.
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Lunchbox Breakfast
Items to put in your lunchbox
  1. Boiled egg (see the Incredible Edible Egg Makeover episode)
Smoothie (just blend it all together!)
  1. Almond milk (we used vanilla unsweetened almond milk)
  2. Frozen banana
  3. Frozen strawberries
Toppings for the smoothie, such as
  1. Granola
  2. Sliced bananas
  3. Sliced strawberry
  4. Blueberries
  5. Sliced pineapple
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5 Comments on “Laptop Lunches”

  1. Hi Amber,

    We use something similar to Bento Box, the Planet box. I was interested in what type of knife you were using to cut the pineapple and strawberries. It this a “kids” knife that is not quite a sharp? I am looking for something for my kids that is not real sharp but not dull like other kids knives that I have seen. Thanks! Wish my kids ate as healthy as you!


    1. Hi Melissa, sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment! The knife I used was just a regular knife – not a kids knife. When I was little, I started using a butter knife, then went to a steak knife, and now I am still learning how to use regular knives safely. My mom says it’s important that regular knives be sharp, or you end up pushing hard on them and you can cut yourself. It’s definitely something that requires adult supervision, but it’s better that you teach them properly, then to have them teach themselves when they are older! Good luck, Melissa!

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