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I’m a super duper lucky girl in so many ways, but the icing on the cake this week after being on the Today Show was that I got to meet Giada DeLaurentis! HOLY SMOKES!!! I think I was more nervous about meeting her, than being on the Today Show!

I watch Giada’s TV shows all the time, especially Giada At Home. I love the show because she makes creative fun foods, often for kids and she has lots of healthy recipes too. I make lots of her recipes, and one of my favorites is her Apricot Oat Bars. She is my inspiration!

Giada is SUPER nice. She was busy getting ready for her segment, but she took time to talk to me and give me tips on our cooking show. She said she would check out my website…I hope she does!

Kate, a producer for the Today Show is SO SO nice, and she helped arrange the meeting. THANK YOU KATE!

Here is video of me meeting Giada. EEEK!

AmberGiadaVert_l AmberGiadaHoriz_l


Giada knows what she’s doing!

GiadaAl_l Giada_l Skewer_l cooking_l GiadaAl2_l Cooking2_l GiadaFood_l

I got to sit back and watch 😀


Before Giada’s segment, I got to watch the taping of the Today Show.

TodayShow_l Cameraman_l Al_l Producer_l  NBCControlRoom_l


Here is Giada’s segment on The Today Show.

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