Plan a Healthy Halloween!

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I love Halloween! You get to wear costumes and hang out with friends!

You can have fun AND keep it healthy with some of these fun, easy ideas. If you have your own healthy Halloween ideas, please share them here, or on my Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages!


5 Comments on “Plan a Healthy Halloween!”

  1. Hi Amber, it’s Mia Scott.
    I love your fun and HEALTHY ideas!!! Will definitely be making these for Halloween!!! What are you being for Halloween??? Any ideas, because I can’t decide what to be.
    Thanks again,
    Mia Scott

  2. Hi Mia! I hope you like them! I am going to be a Flapper Girl! A really fun one is a Vampire because you get to wear the teeth1 I was that a few years ago! 🙂 Happy early Halloween!

    1. Thanks Amber for the costume idea!!!! I am going to be a vampire!!!! What is your sister going to be??? She is adorable!!! Thanks again!!!
      From Mia

  3. Hi Amber, it’s Mia. Happy early Halloween as well!!!
    Thanks so much for answering me!!!! I think that I am going to be a vampire!!! Thanks again!!! By the way, what school do you go to??? Just wondering.

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