Please “LIKE” my video to help me become Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Star!

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Hello everyone!

I am SO excited to announce that my video has been chosen by the one and only Jamie Oliver to be one of the top 5 finalists in his “Search for a Food Tube Star” contest! WOOHOO! I am the only North American and youngest (other finalists are adults!) It’s such an honor!

Jamie Oliver is passionate about teaching kids how to cook real, healthy food and that’s why I’m so excited about this contest. The winner gets video equipment, but more importantly, mentoring from his Food Tube team and the chance to be featured on his Food Tube site! SO COOL!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who have watched my video and voted for me. And thank you to all those people who are sharing the video far and wide – you are part of #teamamber! (My aunt made that up and I love it!)

The other videos are super good and so funny too!

Here is my video entry for Jamie Oliver’s “Search for a Food Tube Star” contest.

The most number of “Likes” wins! The contest ends Sept. 22nd, London time.
Here is Jamie Oliver announcing the top 5 finalists.

Here is a video from Q13 FOX News, encouraging everyone to vote. Thank you Q13!

Seattle Times posted this really awesome article! Thank you Rebekah Denn and the Seattle Times for spreading the word about the contest!


Thank you Rose Egge and KOMO 4 HealthWorks for this really nice article and for spreading the word about the contest! Rose was super nice, and we had fun chatting with her! Being healthy is COOL!




8 Comments on “Please “LIKE” my video to help me become Jamie Oliver’s Food Tube Star!”

  1. Amber, you are such an inspirational and passionate young lady! Good luck honey, we are supporting you and will continue to follow you. I hope this will open new windows for you to spread your message.

  2. Amber,

    I LOVE what you are doing! I hope that your message will inspire more kids in America to learn how to cook and eat healthy. Keep up the good work kiddo! I am going to share your info with all of the kids in my practice and my niece and nephew. If you ever want to do a cooking class in St. Louis just let me know. =)

    1. Thank you so much Dr. Crystal Peairs! I’m glad you like my show, I sure have fun doing it. I’d love it if you can share! If you haven’t already, please also share my video for the Jamie Oliver Search for a Food Tube Star contest! I’m so honored to be the only U.S. and kid finalist. You “like” the video to vote, and the voting ends on Sunday 4pm PST. Thanks again for watching and for taking time to give me feedback, I really really appreciate it! 😀

  3. hay amber i love your shows mostly because im 10 do a great job on your shows i hope you can reply


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