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output_WXZkk7Food Revolution Day is coming up! FRD is a global day of action and we are fighting or food education in schools! That’s a great cause. If you agree, please go to and sign the petition, and then share it!

So far, almost 500,000 people have signed the petition, which means this is an important topic to a lot of people. That’s so cool.

You can spread the word by tweeting or posting this to Facebook: Sign It. Share It. Fighting for food education for every child #FoodRevolutionDay

Thank you!




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One Comment on “Sign It Share It #FoodRevolutionDay”

  1. This is awesome, maybe this will help all kids to eat veggies!!
    My wife 65, hates veggies, but she does eat peas. So I try to feed her peas at least 2x per week. My problem is making sure they are not GMO peas. It is getting harder and harder to find organics.

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