Testing a Pintrest Recipe! | Shrimp Fajitas #stayhomestaysafe

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Hey everyone! I found a recipe for shrimp fajitas on Pinterest, and I have been dying to make them. I finally decided to give them a try and make them for my family, and I wanted to bring you guys along on through the dinner making process! Hope you enjoy this vlog style video!


3 Comments on “Testing a Pintrest Recipe! | Shrimp Fajitas #stayhomestaysafe”

  1. They where very good I made some wasn’t hard to make either you are a wonderful person amber keep up the wonderful work you do from Kevin

  2. I saw a repeat of “Washington Grown” filmed in 2016 just recently. I cannot find it on you tube. I think your message from that segment could be very influential to a dear friend”s granddaughter who is struggling with her weight and self esteem. Is that segment available that I can share?

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