The Big Day, Part 1: Security, Balloons, and Photos with the First Lady

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July 09, 2013:

This was a day I will never forget! It was so full of amazing memories.

I woke up with a BIG SMILE and squealed! We got ready, and picked up our to-go breakfast bags. We had some time to talk before the busses picked us up.


I made some friends!

newFriends_l NewFriends2_l


Here we are on the bus.


When we got to the White House gates, the bus had to go though security.


Then, when we got off the bus, we had to go through security again…and again…and again…and again…a total of 4 more times! That’s a lot of security!


Secret Service men checked our parents IDs.


We finally got to enter the White House! The greeting area was beautiful, and many people were dressed up waiting for us. I felt like princess!

lobby_l Officer_l

My first stop was the bathroom – not as pretty as the rest of the White House! πŸ˜€


We walked by some beautiful rooms.

library_l room_l

They were playing beautiful music for us as we came in.


Then, we all got in line in alphabetical order (of our home state) and was announced! They said they do this at every “real” state dinners. We walked into this room after being announced, and there were tons of press and lights shining on our faces. Some of the reporters were tiny kids! A little girl who looked like she was younger than my sister asked me some questions about my recipe. Her brother was recording me! I’d love to see the interview, if anyone finds it on the web!


pressroom_l 1013123_10151545688598927_1558493787_n

When we entered the reception area, it was so nice! It was big, and a band was playing. They had nice cute drinks that waiters were passing out. The decorations were made with vegetables!

enterparty_log band_l

zuke_l drinks_l

Someone said there was a man making animals with balloons so I ran to find him. He was AMAZING! My mom kept asking we look around the White House but I wasn’t going! He said he is in the Guiness Book of World Records and made all SORTS of things, like big fish, a motorcycle, monkey, sunglasses! I asked for a small little penguin. Isn’t he cute?

balloon_logo balloon2_logo

balloon3_l motorcycle_l


This is a video of me, you can see I am very excited about the balloon man!

They had little gifts for us.


Then we got in line to get a photo taken with the First Lady. They took all our stuff, including my mom’s phone and camera, so we couldn’t take our own photo. It was very formal! We got announced, went to her, and introduced ourselves. But she was so relaxed and nice. I asked her if we could take a photo of our biceps so Mrs. Obama, me, and my mom flexed our biceps for the cameraman. They will be sending us our photos! Can’t wait!

I was asked to do an interview with Sam Kass. He is a chef at the White House. He is super cool.

_saminterview_l _Saminterview2_l

You can hear my interview at around 22:28:

THEN…we got to enter the dining room! Read about it in my next blog post!  πŸ˜€

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