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You have to watch this – my sister is HILARIOUS! Make sure you watch it all or you will miss seeing her beat-boxing skills 😀 This TMI Tag is going around Youtube, and some of us on Food Tube are having fun with it! Basically I answer these 50 questions straight through.This is one of my favorite videos we have ever made, it was so much fun!


11 Comments on “TMI TAG”

  1. OTP? stands for “One True Couple?” In other words, who is your favorite celebrity/friend/family couple.

      1. Hi Amber, My name is Anais and i’m your biggest fan. I am 7 years old and i’m from Pennsylvania. I also play softball. Just I moved to Maryland. You and your sister are very funny. I like your cooking and recipes. One more thing I know i’m 7 years old and talking to a 17 year old it might sound awkward. Bye Bye.

  2. Hello Amber, I love all your videos and how old is your sister? Your sister is very funny especially when shes little.

  3. hi amber I’m one of ur fans I just wanted to say nice channel and I’ve tried every single of ur recipes and they are fantastic

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