Week 1 of January Feel Good Challenge – GET GREENS!

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ITS 2017!!! As I mentioned a few days ago, I am starting a January Challenge because I wanted to get back to making better eating choices this new year. I am going to be doing a challenge every week this month with a video and a recipe for that week’s challenge. I really hope you join me on this challenge because it will definitely help us all reach our health goals.

This week’s challenge is all about getting your greens! I know sometimes it can be hard to find delicious easy ways to get your greens in other than a good old salad so I decided to show you my family’s 2 favorite ways to get the greens we need! You guys are going to love my Green Smoothie and My Family’s Favorite Green Juice!

This Green Smoothie is super simple and totally customizable depending on what types of fruits and veggies you like! This is actually Jamie Oliver’s recipe and I like it because it is really simple and it’s a good base. My family’s likes to add berries, almond milk and sometimes even chia seeds!

The nice thing about a green smoothie is we put a TON of greens in the blender but it totally breaks them down so you can get a really good amount of greens in a smaller portion. 

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Food Revolution Green Smoothie

What a great way to start the day! You won't taste the greens, but your body will love you for it 😀
Author Jamie Oliver


  • 1 banana
  • 200 g baby spinach
  • 250 ml fresh apple juice
  • 1 lime


  1. Peel the banana and cut into nice big slices on a chopping board – ideally you want to use frozen bananas, so try and remember to do this the day before.

  2. Add the banana and spinach to a high-speed blender.

  3. Pour in the apple juice.

  4. Cut the lime in half, and squeeze all the lime juice into the blender. Secure the lid and blitz until smooth, then serve.

My Family’s favorite way to get greens is with our Green Juice!

We use a masticating juicer and it presses the ingredients so that we only get the juice that is filled with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and it leaves all the fibers.

One of my weekly chores is to juice three GINORMOUS bags of power greens (from Costco) and we actually freeze some of it for the upcoming week.

Every morning me and my sister drink a glass of green juice and we get a TON of nutrients in one simple serving. 

The reason we add other ingredients such as apples and ginger and lemon is to make the greens taste better. I cannot drink just straight green juice, but if you can…you rock! 

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Kelley Family Favorite Green Juice

This is a great way to eat your greens and feel good! My sister and I try to drink a glass every morning. It’s sweetened with apples, and the lime and ginger give it a little zing that cuts right through the greens. One of my weekend tasks is to make a big batch of this for the coming week (we freeze what we can’t drink that day). If you are looking for ways to feel good all day, drink this!

Total Time 5 minutes
Servings 1 generous cup
Author Amber Kelley


  • 3 to 6 cups/450 to 900 g greens such as spinach, chard, and kale (according to taste)
  • 1 lemon peeled and quartered
  • 1 1/2- to 1-inch/1.5 to 2.5 cm piece fresh ginger peeled
  • 2 apples sliced (including the core/seeds)


  1. Following the instructions for your juicer, alternate juicing between the greens, lemon, ginger, and apples, so that nothing gets stuck or jammed. Give the juicer enough time to juice before adding more fruit or greens.
  2. To get the most nutrition from your juice, drink it immediately. It will store in the refrigerator for a day, and it’s best if you keep it away from the light and exposed to as little air as possible. We use a FoodSaver vacuum sealer with a mason jar attachment to store excess juice in the fridge, or we pour it into a resealable freezer bag, remove as much air as possible, and freeze. The night before you want to drink the juice, remove the bag from the freezer and place in the fridge to thaw.

For this week’s challenge, try to get in at least one good portion of leafy greens every day, whether that be a salad or one of these two drink ideas. If you want to take it up a notch, like I plan to do, try to get a portion of greens with EACH MEAL!

You guys are gonna see how easy it can be to get your greens every day! You got this!

Don’t forget to follow me on my social media because I will be following along with you guys every single day. I will also be updating you on how I’m doing and would love to hear how things are going for you! Then I’ll see you next week with another video, and another challenge…

2 Comments on “Week 1 of January Feel Good Challenge – GET GREENS!”

  1. Hello Amber,

    I love the “Family Favorite Green Juice,” and I love how you mention about how to store the juice. So many people wonder about this, and it isn’t really mentioned in that many places on the web, unless it is in an article all about storing juice. Just like you and your sister, I try to drink a juice day, although I have been slacking a bit, lately. I love starting my day out with an apple, carrot, celery, ginger juice, but I’ll be sure to add your juice recipe to my rotation! I’ll have to take a look around your website and blog to see what else I can find, here. 🙂

    Happy Juicing!

    -Sean Carey

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