Join Me For a 10-day No-Added-Sugar Challenge!

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Are you guys ready to kick off 2015 with a healthy, strong body? Join me in a 10-day no-added-sugar challenge to really boost your energy and heal your body!

I’m starting the challenge on Monday, January 5th, and I’m excited to see how this improves how I feel! I’d love for all of us to do it together.

I’ll be sharing recipes, and checking in with you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I would love to see how you’re doing too!

Why I’m doing it


Sugar steals your energy, and creates disease. It makes us tired, and makes us fat. It even gives us bad skin, and bad hair. To top it off, sugar is super addictive, so we want to eat more and more. It’s the root of many health problems in our country.

If you haven’t seen the movie “Fed Up” – I highly recommend it. It’s a great movie, and really educates you on how sugar works in your body, and why we end up eating so much of it, without even knowing it. 

Here’s a trailer: 

I am doing this because I want to be aware of what I’m eating, and I want to live a long, healthy life. I want to feel good. I love sweets, and I know I ate too much of it over the holidays. So, this will help me to flush it out of my body, and get me into a healthy routine. I’ll learn so much about myself along the way, I’m sure! 

I’m giving away a copy of this DVD at the end of the challenge! Keep reading for details.

Why you should do it with me

If you can relate to anything I’ve written above, you should join me! We’ll do it together. I’ll share recipes, and my thoughts. Check into Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram every day and we can let each other know how it’s going. 

AND…there’s a giveaway! I’ll be giving away a copy of the movie “Fed Up” (courtesy of the makers of Fed Up – thank you!) I’ll also be writing you a personal note to send along with your DVD 🙂


How to enter the giveaway

I’ve just posted a recipe video for The BEST Hummus Dip (This will be a great snack during the challenge! 😀 )

As soon as you can, ADD A COMMENT ON THE VIDEO on Youtube to let me know you’re entering the challenge. Then, on the 10th day, comment AGAIN letting me know you’ve completed the challenge, and you’ll qualify to win the giveaway! Of course, you are welcome to comment any time in between as well 🙂

CLICK HERE to go to the video on Youtube, and leave a comment to enter the give-away.


A winner will be chosen on the 11th day!

How the challenge works

So, you are interested? Here is how it works.

For 10 days

  • EAT lots of nature-made whole foods: Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, meats, fish, eggs, etc. This is anything that isn’t man-made (doesn’t come in a man-made package.)
  • AVOID packaged foods that include added sweeteners (see this list of names that mean “sugar”)
  • AVOID adding your own sweeteners to foods, such as sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, etc.
  • BE OPEN MINDED and give it your best shot.

That’s it! I’ll be posting recipes and tips along the way. If you want to get a jump start, here is a list of no-added-sugar recipes that are delicious, and easy to make!

It’s best to do this with a friend – so let everyone know you’re doing this challenge! 


35 Comments on “Join Me For a 10-day No-Added-Sugar Challenge!”

  1. Amber, I am your age (I just turned 12) and my mom is crazy about health-food. I watched and was cheering for you all the way through the second season of Rachael Vs. Guy: Kids Cookoff. I also love to cook and you are probably on my Top Ten Role Models List. This is a great idea and while I wiegh less than just about everyone in my grade, I feel like I eat too much sugar. Growing up with my mom making sure my siblings, our dogs, and I eat good food has made me smarter snd stronger. I can’t wait to tell her about this! Also, a question-where do you live?

    1. WOW! That is so nice of you! I am so glad you watched the show! Happy late Birthday! I live in Seattle. Good luck on the challenge! 🙂

  2. Hi Amber, it’s Mia. Thank you for the idea!!!! I will be doing the challenge, though I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, or anything that involves that kind of stuff. Can I still participate in the challenge by writing to you on the Cook With Amber website??? If you could respond A.S.A.P,that would be much appreciated!!!!
    Thanks, Mia Scott

    1. Hi Mia! I am so glad you are joining! You can write on the Cookwithamber website! (I don’t have facebook or twitter either)!!!!! 🙂 Good luck on the challenge!

        1. Hi Amber, it’s Mia. I completed the challenge a day early because I started one day early in case you were wondering why I said, “I completed the challenge!!!” on the 14th. Sorry if there was any confusion!!! From Mia

  3. Amber, you’re right!! To do this choice it’s so good for you and your health and I hope that you can win this challenge without SUGAR.
    I watched this movie too. In effect, this is amazing!!
    I wish the best of you.

    Regardless from Brazil.

  4. hi amber I’m so happy I heard about thisis a great way to help boost my self esteem I do CrossFit so for that you need a healthy body and a strong body this is one way that I could do that I had one question if I keep doing this and I enjoy doing this how do I make it consistent and keep it so that it happened that I do everyday that’s always been a problem for me so if you could please reply to me ASAP that would be much apprecia

    1. Hi Camelia! That is awesome that you do Cross Fit! Once you do the Fed Up Challenge for ten days, I heard the craving goes away. The longer you do it the easier it gets because you are used to it! Just keep focusing on adding good foods with no added sugar. There are so many delicious no added sugar foods! Good luck! 🙂

  5. Love the idea of joining this challenge. I believe that sugar is as my son puts it when something is bad.. “NO Bueno”. Thanks for the challenge.

  6. i was planning on doing a no junk food for 21 days plan -starting on the 5th! I’ll do first 10 days with no sugar added in my coffee and no processed foods too! Thanks for the motivation! I am a sugar addict!!

  7. HI Amber,
    I’m also your age and I love healthy cooking! You inspire me so much. Thanks for doing this!!

  8. Amber, you are an inspiration. I will start my 10 day challenge tomorrow (had a bit of sugar in my tea this morning)! I am getting my 14 and 12 year old to join me and I can’t wait to try your recipes! Let’s see how we feel! Keep up the GREAT work!

  9. Hi Amber! Glad you are back online and I am really excited to join with you on the Fed Up diet! Having a home with no stairs is really different and I am finding I don’t get the exercise I did before -running up and down the stairs! I am IN!

  10. Hello Amber,
    We also saw the Fed-Up movie, more than once, and we (my husband, my 9-year old daughter Amber, my 11-year old son Sietse and myself) have already started the challenge! We live in Suriname, a country in South America. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruits so it actually isn’t difficult. Today is our fourth day and we are feeling fine. We are happy to read that you made the same choice! Good luck!
    Regards, Saskia

  11. here’s how you figure the sugar inside foods
    1. multiply carbohydrates by 4
    2. add sugar to your answer
    3. be amazed at how much sugar is really in your food

  12. Hi Amber, I decided to do the no sugar challenge. does this mean i cannot eat pita chips or crackers?

  13. amber where can you watch the movie on and what is it called and I love evry thing that you post and I watced all of them. and Im gana do the challeng with my friend benny and hes 13

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